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Hong Kong IoT Conference 2018 – Unleashing the Real IoT Business Values

IoT solutions will give competitive advantages to enterprises large and small. With IoT, we can also turn Hong Kong into a more liveable and smarter city…this Conference has provided an excellent platform for experts and practitioners to share insights on the latest development of IoT technology and innovative IoT solutions.

- Mr. Nicholas W Yang, Secretary for Innovation and Technology

The Hong Kong IoT Conference 2018 (“the Conference”) was successfully held on 6 June, 2018, where close to 600 executives and practitioners across pillar industries participated to discuss the tangible values and showcase the ingenious applications brought by IoT. More than 90% of the delegates rated the overall programme arrangement “very good and above”. It featured 19 presentations and 2 panel discussion sessions by 21 industry renowned speakers, whereas 12 booths exhibiting pioneering technologies in areas of Smart Business, Smart Healthcare and Smart Mobility were on display.

The Conference was inaugurated by Pepper the robot, along with the Secretary for Innovation and Technology as Guest of Honour, who delivered an opening address elaborating the importance of IoT deployment in both private and public sectors, and how the implementation can foster Hong Kong into a smart city. He also emphasized that “Together with other technologies like big data analytics and artificial intelligence, IoT is also the cornerstone of a successful smart city.

It was followed by Mr. Andy Bien, President of Hong Kong Internet of Things Industry Advisory Council and CIO of Airport Authority of Hong Kong, who delivered the welcome speech. He believed that data is the determining factor for the success of IoT, “Business needs to be ready to handle such massive amount of data, to truly realize the potential of IoT… Because useful data is what fuels the beating heart of any successful “smart city”. He further asserted that “the market needs an open, interoperable data infrastructure.” to maximise the value of big data.

The keynote presentations focused on how IoT technology can advance customer experience and enhance business’s competitive advantages. For example The Airport Authority of Hong Kong, its representative shared the vision of the future smart airport where numerous IoT applications were used to enhance the operation of Hong Kong International Airport and exceed the needs of its passengers.

In the 3 breakout tracks - Smart Living, Smart Business and Smart Healthcare – world-leading specialists and entrepreneurs shared their IoT technologies applying in diversified industries, such as logistic, elderly care, cyber-security, tourism, transport and so on. To truly realise the full potential and value of IoT, the notion of interoperability between different IoT applications, and other business transformation were also hotly debated.

The one-day conference not only is packed with interactive showcases and forward-thinking presentations, but also provided a valuable networking opportunity to gain operational insights from public and private sectors, and set the stage for further cooperation among businesses across industries, to expand their IoT vision and application footprint.

To learn more from the world-class innovators and business elites, download the selected presentation notes here.

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